Expressing their lifestories @ Leh, Ladakh

24th July 2016

Students of Leh learnt the art of communicating through grassroots comics during a workshop. The workshop was conducted by Joe Michel, an artist and student of community development at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon USA. Joe was interning at Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation in Leh, Ladakh while he thought of engaging youth. Joe’s professor suggested him to use the grassroots comics, which he became aware of through Sharad Sharma during a conference on Community Development at USA.

Total seven comics with topics ranging from impacts of modernization in villages to using the dustbin instead of throwing everything on the ground. Photocopies of those comics were made and pasted them all onto a board. The board was put up on the street in the main market with a paper and pen attached to the board encouraging people to share their thoughts or draw as well. One day some street kids showed up, one small girl left for a minute and returned with nearly her entire family of kids and a big red bag of colored pencils and started colouring them. The school kids made the comics and the street kids colored thempicture3

September 2016

New trainers from Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation conducted a workshop at a girl’s primary school in Leh.  There were around 30 participants and many wonderful comics were created with strong messages ranging from environmental conservation to showing compassion to humans and all living beings.


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