Telling Stories in Trilokpuri

Trilokpuri is a small locality in East Delhi, with a history of communal clashes. A group of student volunteers from DSSW working in the community were looking for a participatory medium when they came across grassroots comics. Hence, a three day Grassroots comics workshop was conducted at Basti Vikas Kendra with the people of the community.

Largely young kids and adolescents were engaged in the workshop. They understood the power of the medium and realised that they could use it to talk about even personal issues and problems that need to be discussed. Their age did not affect the nature of their stories, which  were hard hitting and spoke of the major issues faced in the community.


A young girl made a comic about how a farmer’s family had to commit suicide because they were under heavy debt which they were unable to pay. A teenager also made a comic about her friend who was married off to an older man, a father of two. It showed that she was probably worried about the possibility of the same happening to her, or someone of her age. Their comics brought to light some important issues that the people living in the area face on a regular basis.

(Report filed by Stuti Rai who was one of the trainers along with Rahul Chaudhary, Neha Raghav and Dimple Prakash)

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