Hotel Management Trainee learning about ground level issues

12th July 2018

Akshay Tyagi was one of the participants of a grassroots comics workshop at development communication at the Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. After completion of his course he joined hotel industry where he took his skill along.  He trained Management Trainees of The Lalit during a day long session. In his words “ It was a great day in terms of learning. We successfully managed to meet the objectives of the session and expectations of the participants. We started with a A 4 size sheet, a pencil, a pen and the idea derived from personal experiences. By the end of the day, these images shows what the participants have learnt.s one of my participant said, It’s never too late.

I am glad that I took this opportunity today to share what I have learnt a year back from Mr. Sharad Sharma Sir and I hope we all continue to share our learnings with people to make this world a creative and happy place.”

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