Grassroots Comics

Grassroots Comics as a medium stands out distinctly from mainstream comics. These comics are created by “You and Me”, common masses themselves. Individuals from diverse background have used this powerful medium to express their own self. This has served as one of the most popular communication tool for several organizations and people’s movement. Comics have given a new direction to representation of silences thereby creating a revolution in itself. These comics are easy–to-make, reproduced by simple photocopier and distributed in a limited demarcated area, which invites local debates among people from different socio-economic stratum of the society.

The simplicity of its approach lies in the fact that it just requires a pen, paper and something to say or in other words, requires the lines to speak for themselves.

What makes these comics different from a professional creation is the ownership on the content as well as local settings and drama. The comics are pasted up in all possible locations i.e. village’s meeting place, bus stops, shops, offices, schools, on notice-boards and electricity poles or even on trees. One more important thing in these comics creates an awesome string between the creator of the communication and the readers.

The use of Grassroots Comics is relatively a new phenomenon, after its inception in India it has been replicated in other South Asian countries and a few countries in South East Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

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