Janwar Workshop on Everyday Issues

There is a small village called Janwar in the middle of a forest in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. You will be surprised to know that there is a world level skateboard park in this village! World Comics India conducted a workshop in collaboration with Janwar Castle for the students of Primary and Middle school in the village, where the students created comics on the issues that they face in their day-to-day life. These comics were also exhibited at other schools and later in Delhi and Meerut as well.


Workshop at Hansraj College

Our workshop at Hansraj College, Delhi was short but no less on energy or enthusiasm. After a few drawing exercises, everybody, including all teachers and students wrote, shared and discussed their own personal stories and experiences that they would later want to make into a comic. Various different stories emerged, like the story about a boy who decided to stand up against a man who broke the queue at the metro station, the story of a Godman whose remedy to poverty was itself so expensive that no poor man could afford it, and the story about a boy’s cook who took care of him like his own mother. After a long, intense discussion on every story, the students started working on creating visual frames for these stories.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with The Igniters in association with Kalakriti- The fine arts society, Hansraj College.

Weekend Workshop dealing with issues

Amit Sengupta opening grassroots comics workshop with his lecture covering development journalism, knowledge sharing, social justice and many more issues.

The workshop was an interactive session and then the discussion followed the story sharing and comic designing. All the stories came from real life experiences and issues bothering the youngsters who attended the workshop. A lesson of ‘learning and unlearning’ was learnt and the session proved to be the communication of hope.