Learning during the Corona Pandemic: Doordarshan educational videos

May 2020

Engaging children during the COVID pandemic was a big challenge. Most of the children living in the countryside were without any access to the Internet and hence had no means to learn new things. To engage children in a creative and entertaining manner, World Comics India collaborated with the Going to School organisation and produced a TV programme for Doordarshan. Fun learning elements of such videos were appreciated everywhere.

Grassroots Comics on Antibiotic Resistance

5 April 2020

We are proud to present you with the recent publication on Antibiotic Resistance. This publication is a part of the Superheroes against Superbugs campaign and consists of comic stories made using the grassroots comics methodology. This is the result of the hard work of students and medical professionals who tried their best to raise awareness on Antibiotic Resistance. 

Rendered Stateless not Voiceless!

6 March 2020

The medium of comics reaches the marginalized, reaches the grassroots level. Rohingyas, who were forced to flee their land on account of genocide shared their daunting experiences, stories, and issues through the medium of grassroots comics. Providing a voice to the subaltern, the grassroots comics workshop aimed at raising awareness on the plight of Rohingyas and developing empathy towards the community. 

Rohingya immigrants shared their stories in their own words and later, their comic stories were compiled and published in a book called – Rendered Stateless, not Voiceless. 

The stories in the book were divided into many comic strips titled ‘My Dream’, ‘Exist without identity’, ‘My heart is still in Myanmar’, ‘Born uncertified’, Not a terrorist, ‘In search of a safe life’, ‘Long journey’, ‘The exodus and aftermath’, and ‘Hoping against hope’…etc.

Comics developed by the Rohingyas were exhibited in Nuh, Mewat. How it is like to live as an illegal immigrant, exodus and politics around it, all were covered in these comics. What makes these stories of high value and importance is that these stories were not created by researchers or by the media, but by Rohingyas themselves.

You can visit the following links and read more about them – 


Science through Comics!

9 November 2019

Comic Creator Superheroes are back with the campaign Superheroes against Superbugs. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the issue of Antibiotic Resistance and promote community dialogue and action by engaging with young children, students, and medical professionals in India. Participants were excited to learn about and raise awareness on Antibiotic Resistance. They exhibited their comics in the National Science Centre, Delhi.

Young Trainers of Kalyanpuri, Delhi

1-2 November 2019

New trainers, youth and children of Kalyanpuri, started giving training to other kids of their community. The confidence level of the trainer was high and they started behaving like a responsible citizen at an early age. That was also one of the objectives of this training programme. 

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Grassroots Comics Workshop at National Science Museum and Centre

12th-14th October 2019

A campaign to spread awareness on the issue of Antibiotic Resistance was initiated in collaboration with DBT/India Alliance. The campaign titled “Superheroes against Superbugs” was kick-started at the beginning of 2018. In this series students of various schools participated in a workshop held at National Science Museum, Delhi. It was part of an exhibition curated by the London Museum on the subject.

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