Trilokpuri becomes digitally aware!

17 October 2021

Under the CyberSalamat campaign, we trained over 20 children on digital safety using the grassroots comics methodology. The workshop was conducted in a community centre in Trilokpuri and each child came up with their own stories and life experiences regarding technology and digital safety and turned them into comics. At the end of the workshop, we received 27 comics made by children, all on different issues but within the same theme, i.e. Digital Safety. 


Jamia goes CyberSalamat

25 August 2021

After a long time, the grassroots comics workshop went live! It was the first time after the pandemic struck that we conducted a face to face workshop. All covid protocols were followed as the students of Development Communication at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi tried their hands at comics. They participated in a 3-day workshop and made powerful comics on digital safety, fake news, misinformation, etc. Students displayed their talent while raising awareness on critical issues.

Wandering Lives through Still Frames. Grassroots Comics reaches to the Nomadic Tribes in Rajasthan!

19 August 2021

We reached out to two nomadic tribes of Rajasthan, Nat and Kanjar communities to document their stories, experiences, and narratives. The project aspired to call attention to these unheard stories of struggle. It provides people who live at the margins with an alternative medium of communication that will help them articulate their stories and express themselves. The Participants drew enthusiastically and told their stories in their own way!

Campaign Alert! CyberSalamat

7 August 2021

We are happy to announce our new digital safety campaign Cyber Salamat, which aims to enable the upcoming internet users to become well versed with the cyberworld! 

The world is going digital, and so should we.. smoothly and safely! As a crucial primary step in the journey of the campaign, we have launched our website. The website is a hub for people to come and learn basic internet-related concepts through stories, and also a place that hosts real digital experiences of people from all across the nation in the form of comics and direct storytelling.

Cyber Salamat has also created a bank of comics, for the new internet users to learn how to surf safely in cyberspace. All that makes internet surfing not so overwhelming for the Next Half Billion citizens of the cyber world! 

Visit now:

Educational Comic Book on COVID with UNESCO

March 2021

World Comics India produced a 40-page educational comic book to provide correct information on COVID. The book has 5 chapters.

The chapters are as follows – 1- What is Coronavirus, 2- Covid-19 and Education 3- Looking after our Mental Health 4- Minding Our Minds During Covid-19. 5- Way Forward and Resources.

The book talks about inclusiveness, how to reopen schools, how to engage students from low-economic backgrounds and also how to stay both mentally and physically healthy during the pandemic. The book will be widely distributed by UNESCO.

Kahaniya Kalyanpuri Ki

10th February 2021

Children of Kalyanpuri, Delhi, experimented with the tool of Grassroots Comics and created comics on issues like adolescent health, gender inequality, stereotypes and discrimination, female foeticide, etc. Kahaniya Kalyanpuri Ki is a compilation of their comics. It was great to connect with the organisation ISST Delhi after a long 10 years. 

Fact-checking Grassroots Comics Workshop, for social work students, Assam

19th, 20th, and 22nd December 2020

Students of the Bosco Institute spread over across the northeastern states participated in an online workshop. Post fact-checking sessions, we extended the training to our favourite Grassroots Comics workshop. Students reflected on their own experience on fake news, misinformation, fact-checking etc. It was an all Zoom workshop. Nothing like owning the medium of communication and sharing your content with others! Here are some of the final comic stories.

Environmental Education through innovative methods

11-21 December 2020 & 2-18th February 2021

World Comics India designed a course on Environmental Education. During the project, WCI developed modules, training material and informational videos. Later we trained over 40 teachers and community activists. A full online workshop was something we never tried until we were forced to do it during the pandemic. All sorts of problems were there during the 5 training session from bandwidth issues to data problems, early morning sessions and even extreme cold waves, but the enthusiasm and energy level was high enough to counter all of them.